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National European lotteries

In certain European countries, there are lotteries specifically for their citizens. Information about such lotteries is usually distributed only in a certain state. However, the terms of these drawings may be attractive for foreigners as well.. Consider the top two European national lotteries.

Ireland Lotto

This Irish lottery is one of the most famous examples of a national European lottery. The principles of its work are as follows:

  • to win you need to guess 6 numbers from 47, and 1 bonus;
  • the jackpot size is equal 2 million euros;
  • the ticket costs 6,15 American dollars.

The site of this organizer is blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation. AgentLotto also does not provide an opportunity to buy her ticket.. In view of this, only players are recommended to take part in it., staying in Ireland or having the opportunity to purchase a ticket here.

The primitive

This lottery has been operating in Spain for over twenty five years.. Her rules are very simple.:

  • to win you need to guess 5 of 54 numbers in the first round and 1 of 10 in the second;
  • the jackpot in the lottery is equal to five million euros;
  • ticket price is 2,7 dollars.

You can become a member of La Primitiva even if you are in the Russian Federation. AgentLotto intermediary makes it possible to buy a ticket including this Spanish organizer.

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