The lottery with the largest prize pool

Top 7 lotteries in russia where you can really win big money


Одна из ведущих лотерей Соединенных Штатов, founded in 1988 year. Today it is the most important player in this market and the strongest and main rival of Mega Millions..

The initial Powerball jackpot amount is 40 million. dollars. Several times her mark reached more than 500 million. Biggest Lottery Jackpot Drawn In May 2013 G. and made 590,5 million, which went to a pensioner from Florida.

For an additional fee, players can use the Powerplay function, which, in case of winning, provides an opportunity to increase the amount several times.


The most dynamically developing and youngest transnational lottery in Europe. Was founded in 2012 year.

Minimum jackpot amount is ten million. euros. Number of prize levels - 12. Compared to the lotteries discussed above, then it should be noted, that Eurojackpot is structured this way, that the jackpot is won much more often. Therefore, winnings do not accumulate to such high levels, like in other lotteries. The size of the largest jackpot, won in May 2015 of the year, made up 90 million. euros.

There is more information about the opportunity to play the lottery online, as well as a lot of interesting and informative for you.


Transnational lottery, launched in 2004 year and quickly gained popularity. На сегодня она является крупнейшей игрой в Европе.

The minimum EuroMillions jackpot is 15 million. euros. Need to mark, that quite often its amount increases to 100 million. and higher. Unlike the reviewed lotteries, where players can win in 9 prize nominations, EuroMillions has 13 nominations, due to which you can count on a higher probability of getting a prize. The biggest win was the jackpot, constituted 190 million. euros. And they won this amount twice - in the UK (2012) and Portugal (2014).

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