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Lotto rules 6 of 49

Additional gifts are provided, 7 categories. To get the minimum amount, enough to guess 2 event. The smaller the value of the prize, the more chances of getting it. If during the drawing the jackpot combination is not guessed, the amount is accumulated. The jackpot can increase tenfold. For example in 2007 the jackpot has been increased since 1 million to 43 381 457 euros.

Ticket price Lotto 6 of 49 is 2 euros. For this money, you get the opportunity to specify one combination. You can purchase additional options:

  1. "Spiel 77" or "Game 77". Players are invited to choose 7 figures from 0 to 9 to participate in an additional drawing. Option worth 2,5 euros.
  2. "Super 6" or "Super 6". You need to choose 6 numbers for participation in the additional game. The last number is the "superball". Option cost - 1,25 euros.

Lottery drawing 6 of 49 runs weekly: on Wednesday, in 18:50 Berlin time (20:50 in Moscow) and on saturday, in 21:45 Berlin time (23:45 in Moscow). In the studio there are 2 lottery drum with balls. The draw starts with the first apparatus and is a combination of 6 rooms. The second device randomly chooses the "Super Ball".

After the draw, the results are posted on the official Germany Lotto website.. If you missed the draw, check lotto ticket 6 of 49 can be on the website. The site provides the latest relevant information about the lottery.

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